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Sean "Diddy" Combs is ready to move on from his longtime girlfriend Cassie, MTO News has confirmed.

According to one of Diddy's closest friends, the entertainment mogul is moving on from his relationship with Cassie. Up until a few weeks ago, Diddy was convinced that he and Cassie would reconcile, and live happily ever after.

Diddy's friend told MTO News, "[Diddy] loves Cassie, but she's moved on. So he charged her to the game and is moving on too."

The indsider claims that Diddy is hurt about losing Cassie, but he's fully capable of leaving her alone.

The insider added, "Cassie chose someone else. And [Diddy's] happy that she's happy."

And Diddy is being public about it. Yesterday he actually liked a pic of Cassie and her new boyfriend:


Someone commented on the phone that they believe that ‘Diddy won at the end of the day Cassie still don’t have a ring on her finger and diddy got money money. 💰’

One more positive person said that ‘I’d like to think he’s genuinely happy to see her happy even if it wasn’t with him. That sounds like a song I know tho.’

Another supporter also wrote ‘Why can’t it be he’s just happy for her that she’s moved on and happy geesh! He has too much positive energy for anyone to say or think he’s petty. People sure know how to make something out of nothing. 😩😩’