Diddy Got CASSIE Pregnant . . . We Got PREGGO PICS!!

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The internet is going crazy with new rumors that Diddy and his longtime girlfriend Cassie are expecting. The rumors all started yesterday, when pics of Diddy taking Cassie to dinner Catch in Los Angeles were leaked.

Cassie is seen leaving dinner and is visibly glowing. And Diddy was right behind her. He opened to car door (a Maybach, of course) for her, and helped her inside. Onlookers observed that he appeared to be very attentive to her - much mores than usual.

And Cassie also appears to have put on a bit of weight - in a good way. The Asian/Latina singer looked a little more "puffy" than usual. No pun intended.

The release of the pics, has caused the internet to go in a baby frenzy. Rumors of Diddy and Cassie's pregnancy are now all over social media. And so far neither Diddy nor Cassie have commented on the rampant rumors.

Diddy already has three sons and three daughters.


Back in January Diddy said, “Whatever is supposed to happen in the future is going to happen, but that’s something that I want,” he continued, before adding that Cassie was the only one he could see himself having more children with. “I would only have it with my girl of course,” he said.

Of course, the music mogul’s feelings about wanting to be a father again probably have something to do with how well his kids turned out.

“I’m very, very proud of them,” he said of his children, adding that it has been “incredible” to watch them “grow up and actually be nice human beings.”

“Because you know, it didn’t have to end that way,” he continued. “When you think about a lot of celebrity families, it gets a little weird sometimes.”

Diddy is a father to sons Quincy Brown, 26, Justin, 24, Christian, 19, twin girls D’Lila Star and Jessie James, and daughter Chance, all 11.