Diddy Confirms He's In Talks With Dr. Dre About Verzuz Battle

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Diddy has confirmed that he is in talks with Dr. Dre about having a Verzuz battle.

Diddy chopped it up with Fat Joe on his Instagram show, where he asked him if the battle could be heading our way.

"We're definitely talking about it," Diddy replied. "You heard it here. You heard it here on the show."

Teddy Riley called Dre at the end of his Verzuz battle with Babyface and asked him to battle Diddy -- Dre seemed reluctant at first, but he may be coming around to the idea.

"We need Dr. Dre versus P. Diddy pay-per-view for the culture. Let's bring the two kings in and give back to the people," Swizz said last week, adding that it would be a "celebration, not a battle."

Unlike the last few Verzuz, Swizz and Timbaland say that a Diddy/Dre face-off would be pay-per-view, which means it may not happen on Instagram Live.