49 year old Sean "Diddy" Combs and Steve Harvey's 22 year old daughter Lori Harvey have split up - after Diddy was caught "cheating" with a pretty Latina Instagram model.

The paparazzi caught Diddy out on what looked like a date with the pretty model, and pictures of Diddy creeping out with her quickly went viral.

According to reports: Diddy was out with another lady which could potentially mean trouble in paradise for him and Ms. Harvey. The hip hop mogul and mystery woman were spotted on a night out on the town. Interestingly, their gathering coincided at a time when Lori Harvey was out of town. Diddy and Lady X exited the businessman's fancy Maybach before having dinner in Nobu Los Angeles yesterday night. The two arrived around 10 PM, briefly exchanged a meal and left much later in the night. 

Here are the pics that went viral:

Well Lori seems to be really upset over Diddy's "date" with the Latina. Almost immediately after the pics circulated online, she blocked Diddy on Instagram:


But according to recent reports, Diddy wasn't the only one that was stepping out on their relationship. Last week, Lori Harvey was spotted around Los Angeles with a rapper named Trouble.

And according to online blogs - there was speculation that Trouble was Lori's side dude.

Aside from blocking Diddy on Instagram, Lori Harvey has been relatively silent on social media.