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Nicole Murphy is caught up in yet more controversy as it is now being alleged that she paid paparazzi to take the photographs of her kissing Antoine Fuqua.

According to celebrity blogger, Love B. Scott, his sources confirmed that not only did Nicole call the paparazzi to take the photos — but she planned if for four months and paid them to do it!!

Film executive Fuqua is the husband of actress Lela Rochon.

The source continued to spill the tea, adding that the photos were also sent to Fuqua’s family before they were leaked online. First, to make them aware of the romantic relationship. Then to force Lela's hand at a split after having suffered the public embarrassment. 

According B. Scott, Fuqua's 15-year-old and 17-year-old are said to be ‘devastated’ and ’embarrassed’ by the scandal, the outlet reports. Nicole was indeed a ‘family friend,’ and their families would celebrate birthdays together when the kids were younger.

Nicole recently apologized for the kiss live on The Wendy Williams Show, but if this new information is true - there is no way her apology can be sincere.

Y'all think she leaked the pictures?