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For the entire season of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, the show has been building up to a fight between Kyle and Lisa over the question - did Lisa really leak a story to Radar Online about Dorit Kemsley’s dog adoption drama

Well MTO News did some investigative reporting, and we have the answer that Real Housewives fans have been looking for all season. But first let's recap last night's Lisa vs Kyle FIGHT!!

Since the very beginning of the season, Bravo has been building up to last night's episode - where Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle Richards’ have a huge fight. And it lived up to it's billing.

Kyle confronted Lisa in her home, and told her former friend that she absolutely believes that Lisa gave Radar Online the story about Dorit. Lisa gets defensive, and swears on all sorts of things that she would never give a story to the tabloid

Kyle told Lisa, "If you read the article, it sounds like it comes from your camp.”  “You always say when you look at an article, see who it benefits, right? Well, that was only like, ‘Lisa’s so great and the Vanderpump foundation’s great’ and it was bad for Dorit. … It seems as if you wanted to get ahead of it so that people believe you instead of Dorit in this whole argument.”

Lisa was shocked by the claim. “It sounds like it comes from me?” she asked. “You think I’m going to give a story to Radar Online and then I’m going to go to TMZ and refute a story I’ve given to Radar Online? Do you think I would give a story to Radar Online about Dorit?”. 

When Kyle said yes, Lisa was stunned. “Wow, this is a big shock to me. This changes everything,” she said. “I’ve done nothing wrong. Just because you accuse me, I am not going to say, ‘Yes I did something’ if I didn’t do it. I’m a woman with integrity who stands up for what’s right. I could have thrown her under the bus. But I’m done. I’m done with you, too.”

Here's what happened next in a drama filled video:

So with all this hoopla over the leak - MTO News knows for certain that Lisa Vanderpump did NOT leak the story. We asked the Chief Content Officer of Radar Online, Dylan Howard, who told us, “I can say unequivocally that Lisa [Vanderpump] has never been an anonymous source to the site — although I, for one, wish that she was! She’d be as rich with information as she is rich is real-life!”