Did Jeannie Mai's Fiancé Jeezy Get Caught Sliding In Beautiful Model's DMs??


Jeannie Mai from the daytime TV show The Real has been all over social media, bragging about her engagement to the legendary hip hop artist Jeezy. But now there's a rumor circulating on social media, suggesting that Jeezy was just caught in his exe's DMs.

(Listen to Jeannie explain how Jeezy proposed above)

Yesterday one of Jeezy's ex-girlfriends, Jasmine Sanders, took to Twitter two blast an ex that she claims is constantly sliding in her DMS. The ex, according to Jasmine, says just he's trying to "check-up" on her. But Jasmine believes that he's trying to creep on the low.

Jasmine writes, "Does your fiancé know you're sliding in DMs."

And while Jasmine didn't name names - people all over Twitter suspect that she's talking about Jeannie's boo, Jeezy.

Here are the tweets that Jasmine sent out:


Here are Jeezy and Jasmine together, from about a decade ago:


And here's what she looks like now: