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There is a viral story being circulated all across social media, that popular pastor Creflo Dollar set up a special "Cash App" account, so that he can collect tithes during the coronavirus quarantine.

The article has been circulating and it contains the following text:

Pastor Creflo Dollar is one such leader who won’t let the Coronavirus outbreak keep tithes away from his church. While church attendance is expected to go down due to the quarantines, Dollar wants to ensure all his congregants pay their tithes from wherever they are.

Also, the article attributed this quote from Pastor Dollar:

“I understand the concerns over coronavirus but those concerns should not interfere with the tithing so I can afford to pay my bills on my mansion, fleet of luxury cars & private jet. If I’m struggling, nobody’s getting into Heaven. So pay your tithes so I can properly shine while spreading the gospel,” Pastor Creflo Dollar.

Well, the story is completely and 100% false. It originated on the satire website which makes up fictional stories for laughs.

MTO News reached out to Creflo Dollar Ministries to try and get a comment about this story but did not receive a response.