Bill Cosby is making headlines once again, after allegations that he fathered multiple love children.

According to Radar Online, several DNA objects - a toothbrush, clothing, hats have disappeared, and sources tell the outlet that the items might contain DNA evidence that can be lab tested against samples from two people who claim they’re Cosby’s love children. 

The news could spell the end for Bill and his marriage to wife Camille - which is hanging on by a thread.

“There’s only so much more shame and humiliation she can take,” a source said.

Cosby allegedly fathered with Mary Waller, his business manager back in the '80s. He paid her a salary of $2 million at the time. Back in 1997, it was also reported that Cosby’s affair resulted in the 1974 birth of Autumn Jackson, per Radar.

“He wants all resources on deck to stop any DNA testing because that’ll completely ruin the little life he has left Opens a New Window. ,” the source said.