Rapper TI and his wife Tiny Harris appeared on Jada Pinkett’s Red Table Talk show on Facebook today.

On the show TI apologized for making controversial comments about his 18 year old daughter Deyjah’s virginity.

But just a few hours after it aired, Deyjah’s mom went on Instagram and blasted Ti, calling the rapper a ‘narcissist.’

Deyjah's mother, Ms. Niko shared to her Instagram a short message that reads: "...WHEW CHILE, THE NARCISSISM..."

Here’s what she posted:


TI claimed on a podcast that he annually takes Deyjah’s to the hospital, to have her hymen inspected to ensure she’s a virgin.

T.I.'s daughter, Deyjah Harris, was so embarrassed by her dad’s comments, she deleted her Instagram. 

"I began, from a place of truth, I began to embellish and exaggerate,” TI told Jada. "People took it extremely literal. If you put any of my reputation about who I am as a father and who I've been, I honestly thought people knew me better than that."