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It's A MIRACLE . . . Devyn Holmes The Man SHOT IN THE HEAD ON LIVE . . . Is Recovering!! Latest Details)


Yesterday broke the news that Devyn Holmes was shot and killed on Live - by 25-year-old Cassandra Damper. She claims that the shooting was an "accident".


In the now viral video, Cassandra is seen playing with a gun - in a car with her friend Devyn and another male friend, Cadillac. Cassandra then points the gun at Devin - who tells her to stop, but Cassandra doesn't listen and after hearing that there "was no clip in the gun," she playfully pulls the trigger. The gun actually turned out to be loaded, and Cassandra shoots Devin in the head. Almost immediately after the shooting someone called the police and claimed that Devyn shot himself in the head" which we all know is a lie. Some feel that Cassandra knew it was loaded and decided to pull the trigger anyway.

Devyn's cousin, Dekenia Mcneal, provided updates on Facebook, saying that he is breathing and responding on his own. We hope that he pulls through so he can tell the real story himself. Something just doesn't smell right about this incident.

She also added that prayers are still coming in for him:

Devyn's father Allen Tyler confirmed what Dekenia was saying: