Man 'ACCIDENTALLY' Shot On Live . . . 'Fighting' With Shooters Before 'Accident'!! (PICS)

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MTO News broke the report that police in Houston, Texas, are investigating a shooting that occurred when Devyn Holmes, 26, Cassandra Damper, 25, and Cadillac Coleman were sitting in a car and “playing with two pistols,” early Sunday,

Cassandra discharged one weapon, striking Devyn in the head, the release said.

In the video, the victim can be heard saying, “You're making me nervous,"

Video shows the woman hold a gun up to the camera, load the weapon and point it toward the victim. The gun discharges and the man goes still.

Police are currently determining whether the killing was ACCIDENTAL . . . or a SET UP. So far police are leaning towards it being an accident.

But we just found some Facebook messages between Devyn and Cadillac.. The messages may or may not be relevant to the investigation. . . . but he two men appear to be argungg just a few days before the "accident."