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A buzzing Detroit rapper 9000 Rondae is on the run facing possible murder charges - and he just filmed a music video where he appears to describe the murder in detail.

Rondae is considered a suspect in a shooting that took place the Advanced Office Building in Detroit.

According to authorities, the suspect photo'd above, removed a handgun from his pocket and shot at the victim, firing a single round. 

The victim was struck and is believed to have died of his injuries.

Here's how the local Detroit news describes the shooting:

Authorities believe that the man who did the shooting, and photo'd above, is the popular Detroit rapper 9000 Rondae seen below.

Rondae has been on the run - ever since the above images of the shooter were released to the public two weeks ago.

But yesterday Rondae just released a new song, where he had a bunch of memorable bars that appear to describe his current predicament. 

Here are a few memorable bars:

"I'm on the run right now . . . "

“See me on camera, that’s my highlight tape” 

Here's the song that was recorded WHILE Rondae's been on the run.