A violent assault took place on Wednesday, at the at Apollo Lanes bowling alley in Detroit - and it was all caught on tape.

An employee at the bowling alley asked the group of men to leave because he claims that they became unruly and were creating a disturbance. Bad idea.

The employee claims that several members of the group surrounded the counters nd attacked him. The first suspect reached out the counter and punched the employee, and the second suspect stepped behind the counter and began violent assaulting the employee with punches and kicks to the face and body.

But it wasn't over.

The first suspect then walked behind the counter, picked up a barstool and threw it at the employee. He then picked up a bowling ball and smashed it on the back of the employee’s head. 

The employee fell to the ground and both suspects continued kicking the employee in the head before fleeing the location. 

The 28-year-old employee was taken to the hospital.

The first suspect and the second suspect are currently on the loose, and wanted by Detroit police.

Here is the video - warning it is GRAPHIC