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Video of a Detroit mail carrier getting attacked by a raging pitbull went viral yesterday on Facebook. The graphic video 6-minute video posted Friday on Oneil Colley's Facebook page received 22,000 comments and 60,000 shares in just four hours.

In the video, which was shot from inside a vehicle, the angry pitbull named "Boss Hogg" is seen biting and pulling on the foot and ankle area of the postal carrier. 

Several people try to intervene, including the cousin of the dog owner, to make the animal stop attacking. They beat the dog with various objects, including a broom, a trash receptacle and what appears to be metal tools in an effort to stop the attack.

After nearly 5 minutes of chomping on the carrier, the dog finally lets go off-screen.

The cousin of the dog owner finally got a leash on it and starts to walk away, trying to keep the dog at a distance, but the dog charges toward him. He drops the leash.

The animal at one point collapses, apparently injured.