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We Have ALL THE DETAILS . . . About The Florida Teen Who Was Caught . . . Having RELATIONS With 25 Boys In The Bathroom . . . Before You Call Her A THOT . . . Read About Her TRAGIC LIFE!!

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Last week, reported a story about a 15-year-old teenage girl from Fort Meyers, Florida. The teenage girl reportedly had relations with a group of boys (some are saying 25) inside the school bathroom. The boys involved taped the incident and released it on Facebook.

Well before you VICTIMIZE the young lady further, here is what we learned about the troubled young lady.

The girl, we'll call her GIRL X, was allegedly sex-trafficked at age 13. She was recently rescued from her pimp, and was only at the school for two weeks before the incident happened. GIRL X had participated in multiple rehabilitation and treatment programs. She was originally a runaway.

And about that BATHROOM INCIDENT. Well Girl X only wanted to talk to one boy she had a crush on, one thing led to another and relations occurred. Then a few others watched and joined in. The incident lasted for about an hour and stopped when the students had to be elsewhere.

Let's not judge the girl . . . we can only IMAGINE how hard her life has been.