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Desiigner: That Corona Sh*t Is BS!!

"Panda" rapper Desiigner hopped online to tell his fans that the Coronavirus pandemic is fake -- calling it "BS."

"Yo, no funny. Corona is fake gone, bro. No funny sh*t. Enjoy life. No cap. We ain't even on that type of vibe. Corona sh*t, man. Honestly, that corona sh*t is BS. You feel me? I ain't get sick yet. I been outside, healthy."

Desiigner was obviously one of the fortunate ones who have not yet lost a loved one to the virus.

In the United States alone, 4.8 million people have tested positive for the virus. 2.3 million of those people have recovered, and more than 150,000 have died from the virus. Infection rates as well as death rates continue to rise and some states have  been forced to shut down again.

He has changed his tune since May, when he pledged to "take it easy," on his tenants who are not able to afford rent due to the pandemic.

"So I have to look at all areas of my life and do my part -- artists play lots of different roles in communities. For example with housing… I'm a landlord with multiple properties. And some people can't afford rent right now and I have to hold that," he told Black Enterprise at the time. "How are you going to be able to live for the next couple months? You gotta take it easy on your tenants, be understanding of what's possible right now. I have to take the hits because I also don't want to see anybody on the street. I can help so I do. "