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Rapper Desiigner has revealed that he spends $20k a month on Uber rides alone!

In the video posted, he explains that his business manager is urging him to curb his Uber habit:

"Big boss, first class. Don't play, man," he said. "My business manager telling me that I gotta chill out with the Ubers. I'm spending, like, $20,000, on them sh*ts a month. We gotta chill. Stay in your lane.”

Since the global success of his single "Panda," the rapper has faded to the background, but he informs his fans that new music is on the way.

Last year he revealed that his upcoming album would be titled Sidney, which is his real name. 

“This is only the beginning. This is the ending of Chapter 1,” he told Billboard. “I’m about to step into Chapter 2. I’m doing this, I’m dropping the EP then the big album. Every album is going to be a chapter for me.”