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DeRay Davis dismissed Instagram comedians recently in an interview, dismissing them as "skitters" and not real comedians.

In the clip shared by BallerAlert, he had the following to say about comedians who are making a name for themselves on the social media site:

"I can't say they're comedians, I mean we know what comedians are. Jerry Lewis was a comedian and stand-up, Richard Pryor - comedian and he did movies.

"Instagram...if they're doing standup comedy on their Instagram then they are a comedian but if they're doing skits then you're a skitter."

DeRay obviously feels protective of the label he has worked so hard to earn. Social media has made it extremely easy for users with dreams of making it big, to become stars overnight without putting too much work in.

"To say you're a comedian is a big deal - I'm not a politician but I could talk about politics all day," he said.

Is he wrong?