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Denzel Washington Photo'd In ITALY . . . With His WIFE & DAUGHTER . . . They Look Like Twins!!


Hollywood legend Denzel Washington seen with his daughter Olivia and wife Pauletta enjoying a meal while on holiday in Portofino. 

Denzel Washington married actress Pauletta Pearson in 1983; they have four children. Their oldest son, John David, was drafted in 2006 by the NFL's St. Louis Rams. He now plays for the Sacramento Mountain Lions in the United Football League. Their other children are daughter Katia and twins Olivia and Malcolm.

Olicia is an actress also. Olivia Washington made her debut in 2015 at New York City where she took part in the stage production of The Glass Menagerie, the show was held at Clybourne Park in Ithaca, New York. She also starred in other movies including The Butler in 2013, Mr. Robot in 2015 and The Comedian in 2016.


Recently Denzel's son John David Washington scolded the “Today” show’s Craig Melvin for appearing to forget about JD’s famous mom, according to Page Six. 

Melvin said during a recent interview, “As you got started in this business being the son of Denzel Washington . . .”

But John David, one of the stars of the new Spike Lee movie, “BlacKkKlansman” cut him off saying, “And Pauletta Washington — who was earning more money than he was when they married.”

Pauletta has appeared in “Beloved,” as well as a number of TV shows including 2017’s “She’s Gotta Have It,” and “Happily Ever After” in the 1990s.

John David added that “before [Pauletta and Denzel] got married, she was on Broadway working. She paid for the first date. She paid the bill, paid the cab ride.”