Former NBA star Dennis Rodman has been reportedly involved in a yoga studio 'clothing heist' according to reports.

The alleged theft took place after Rodman turned up to VIBES Hot Yoga in Newport Beach with three other people – two women and a man. Rodman and his friend allegedly made off with $500 worth of clothes and a $2,500 crystal art piece from the studio. 

Surveillance video obtained by TMZ Sports captured a woman stuffing clothes in a purse and a man taking the art piece away on a dolly after dropping it on the floor and breaking it.

Rodman denies all allegations and told them that the yoga studio staff asked the group to move the crystal art piece and that in exchange, the employees said he and his three companions could take gifts from the store.

The studio owner has filed a police report with Newport Beach Police Department who are currently investigating the crime.

Rodman's net worth is reported to be about $500,000.