Former NBA star Dennis Rodman has revealed that he believes that "10 or 20 percent" of professional athletes are gay.

 "I don't know why people haven't came out before," he said. "It's cool that people are coming out being, you know, gay or homosexual or whatever, lesbian and stuff like that," Rodman says in his ESPN documentary.

Rodman is openly bisexual. He is known to dress in drag and partying the night away in gay clubs.

"I was, you know, doing all the drag clubs, I was dressing in drag. I was dressing in women's clothes, I was doing lingerie and stuff like that, and people in the gay community started embracing me. If you're gay, I didn't give a damn."

"I wouldn't be surprised, literally, I've said it all along, if 10 percent or 20 percent of people in the NBA, or any sports, [are] gay," Rodman explained.

"I wouldn't be surprised. It wouldn't shock me at all. I think today, it wouldn't shock anyone. I think that'd be more acceptable now than anything." 

Do y'all agree that at least 10 percent of pro athletes are gay?