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Real Housewives of Atlanta star Porsha Williams is now a restaurant owner. Her estranged fiancé Dennis McKinley bought her the business as an 'I'm sorry' gift, MTO News has learned.

Dennis and Porsha broke up two months ago, amid rumors that Dennis was allegedly cheating on the reality show beauty. The couple have a 4 month old daughter together named Pilar. At the time, MTO News confirmed that the couple was also having trouble agreeing on terms for their prenuptial agreement.

But now that a few months have passed, Porsha seems to have forgiven her "zaddy."

The Bravo TV star posted a pic last week showing Dennis and their daughter, both in her home. The young family spent the Fourth of July together, with family in Atlanta.

Well Dennis decided to buy Porsha a gift, to apologize for whatever he did to make Porsha leave him. And no he didn't buy her flowers, or a purse, or some jewelry.

Instead, Dennis bought Porsha a business.

MTO News has confirmed that Dennis bought a diner/breakfast restaurant for Porsha. And after paying for everything in cash, he made sure to put the business in Porsha's name.

A person close to Dennis told MTO News, "The name of the breakfast restaurant will be 'Good Morning'."

Here are pics of Porsha's new diner:


Dennis moved into Porsha's Atlanta mansion last year, as the couple prepared to get married. But when the pair split two months ago, Dennis moved out - and stayed in his old apartment.

Now, MTO News has confirmed, he's back in Porsha's mansion.

Dennis and Porsha's tumultuous relationship will be a key storyline for Porsha in the upcoming season of the Atlanta Housewives.