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Fans of Denise Richards in Real Housewives of Beverly Hills may be left disappointed in the next season, as the actress has reportedly been skipping out on shooting, choosing to put her acting roles first.

 “Denise Richards has actually been MIA from filming [Real Housewives] a lot just because she’s so busy filming her other projects,” a source close to the star told HollywoodLife. “She really loves doing Housewives, but being an actress is her first priority when it comes to her career and [RHOBH] has opened even more doors for her.”

Denise recently joined the cast, and her honest approach has helped her to win over viewers of the show. But Denise may not be taking the show very seriously.

“She kind of treats RHOBH like a set and the ladies constantly have to remind her it’s real,” the source continued. “She’s barely filmed RHOBH so far this season and missed a few events just due to her own acting career which has picked up even more since she signed on for Housewives.”