Lisa Vanderpump has left the building, and according to reports, Denise Richards is now at the center of all of the drama in the upcoming season of the show.

"Denise Richards has been having a lot of issues getting along with the group so far this season and it's causing a lot of drama amongst the cast," a production insider tells HollywoodLife.

Last season, Denise seemed to get along with almost all of the ladies, and after LVP's exit, Camille Grammer caught much of the heat. Camille has revealed that she will be returning to the show, as well as Brandi Glanville - which should bring its own drama.

But the reason for the ladies turning on Denise appears to be all about her new booked and busy status!

"She's definitely not as close to a lot of the ladies as she was last season and her friendships with them are not what they once were. They're all upset that she's never around and find it really unfair, but Denise is busy working. They all feel like they have to work, too, so she should want to come to things as much as they do and she doesn't," the source continues.