There's drama going on behind the scenes of the new season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. MTO News has learned that Denise Richards has quit the show MID SEASON.

According to multiple folks at Bravo, Denise stopped filming last week, and did NOT appear for the show's wrap party on Sunday.  It's also unlikely that she will attend the reunion show as well.

So what happened? Well Bravo is trying to keep everything under wraps, but we hear that Denise and Brandi Glanville were going at it HARD this season.

And two weeks ago, Brandi disclosed something EXTREMELY damaging about Denise's husband Aaron. The information was so damaging and scandalous that Bravo is having to run everything through their legal department before they can air it.

Can the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills get a full season in without one of their cast members quitting. Remember last season with Lisa Vanderpump . . . 

According to The Blast, "Bravohilics were up in arms after Rinna threw some shade at fellow "Housewives" star Denise Richards after she shared she had suffered not one, but four hernias. The actress revealed the news on her social media on Tuesday and while several friends left comments wishing her well, Lisa Rinna's stood out and "RHOC" fans are now convinced she's faking her friendship with Denise Richards."

"Sharing several photos of her unexpected surgery, Richards showcased her bare belly that was covered in bruises. She also posted a snap in her hospital gown pre-operation. "My hubby posted this & I need to actually thank him for taking such great care of me. This was a couple months ago & turned out to be a good lesson for me to always listen to my body, " she wrote. "Being a mom, wife, & having a career sometimes it’s easier to just be strong and power through, I thought the pain & my other symptoms would just go away. They did not and got a lot worse.""