Denise Richards' Husband Upset w/ Charlie Sheen Over Child Support Drama

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Denise Richards' husband Aaron Phypers is mad at Charlie Sheen over the recent child support drama.

Sheen reportedly waited until Denise was out of the state before going to court to have his child support payments stopped. Their daughter Sami reportedly moved in with the actor, but Denise says Sami spends time at both of their homes.

"Aaron's a kind man. He's in a tough role, but he keeps his cool. He's heartbroken because Denise is heartbroken that Charlie is pulling this after all she has done for him," a source close to the couple told PEOPLE. "He's upset because his wife is upset that Charlie is playing this game with the kids."


The source added, "Aaron is devastated because she is devastated, and Aaron has been incredibly patient with the kids."

Another insider told Us Weekly that Sheen encouraged his teenage daughter to drop out of school.

"He encouraged Sami to drop out of high school, well, because he did also… Charlie was constantly undercutting Denise for months before Sami moved out. … It made parenting for Denise impossible," the source said.