Demi Moore's Daughter RUMER Appears To Have Gotten . .. CHIN REPLACEMENT SURGERY!!!

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New pics are circulating of actress Demi Moore's STRONG CHINNED daughter Rumer Willis. Well at least she USED to have  a strong chin. Now her face looks almost COMPLETELY different.

Demi's daughter Rumer used to have a GIANT wide chin - but now her face looks a lot more slender - and her chin looks regular sized. What happened? Well it's not clear, but many suspect that she underwent plastic surgery.

There is a popular "chin replacement surgery" that is offered in Asia. The surgery involved doctors BREAKING your jaw, and removing a piece of chin.

Demi isn't the first celebrity rumored to have undergone the controversial surgery. Khloe Kardashian is believed to have had the same surgery.

Here is the new pic

Just this past weekend Rumer was in attendance at Bruce Willis' Comedy Central Roast. 

Bruce's ex wife made a surprise appearance towards the end of the show, which was taped on Saturday at The Hollywood Palladium, the 55-year-old actress cracked jokes about their marriage, his skills as a parent and how he got one of his career-defining roles.

“For those of you that don’t know me, I am Demi Moore,” began the star, who was married to Willis for 12 years from 1987 to 2000. “I was married to Bruce for the first three Die Hard movies, which makes sense, because the last two sucked.”

Joking about her ex’s parenting style, Moore added: “Bruce is super generous. When our daughter Rumer was a baby and it was his turn to change the diaper in the middle of the night, he would lean over and whisper to me, ‘I’ll give you a thousand dollars right now if you change that diaper.’”