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You never know what trauma a person's been through in their life. Hollywood actress, Demi More, reveals in her upcoming memoir that a man raped her at just 15 years old after paying her mom $500.

In the book titled Inside Out, Demi shares that her mother was an alcoholic, and sold her to help feed her addiction. 

She sat down with Good Morning America host Diane Sawyer to open up about her dark childhood:

"She was taken by her mother to bars so that men will notice them. She's 15 when she comes home one night, and an older man they know is in the apartment with the key," Sawyer says. "She writes, 'It was rape and a devastating betrayal,' revealed by the man's cruel question, 'How does it feel to be whored by your mother for $500?'"

Sawyer asked Demi if she felt like her mother sold her:

"I think, in my deep heart, no. I don't think it was a straightforward transaction," she replied. "But she still did give him the access. And put me in harm's way."