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Demi Lovato was spotted out of rehab this weekend, on a date with designer Henry Levy.

Lovato was snapped by the paparazzi as she went out for sushi in Beverly Hills on Saturday night with Levy. As they drove away from the Matsuhisa eatery, they were photographed in a car.

"Demi looked great and so happy to be out," an eyewitness told E! News. "They seemed like good friends who were catching up and excited to see one another. There wasn't any PDA or romantic gestures, but she was smiling and laughing throughout dinner. She was very relaxed and at ease. She said hello to the sushi chefs when they greeted her with a big smile. She seemed happy and healthy. They stayed for an hour and a half before leaving together in his car."

They were also pictured kissing.

Lovato has been keeping a very low profile since leaving rehab. Lovato is reported to still be in rehab but allowed weekend trips. She has also posted another image of herself on social media, following a jujitsu workout.