As Mike Johnson gushes to the world about kissing Demi Lovato, Demi's team wants to make it clear that the pair are just "casually dating" and there isn't "anything serious" between them.

"Demi and Mike's relationship isn't anything serious," a source told US Weekly. "Now that Demi has had ample time to get her life back on track, particularly from a sobriety perspective, she is broadening her horizons and starting to put herself out there a bit more."

The source added, "She thinks Mike is funny [and] smart. He makes her laugh and is respectful of her boundaries. All of these qualities are very important and intriguing to Demi."

Mike recently took part in ABC's Bachelor In Paradise, and fans were outraged that as the fan-favorite, he was not named the next Bachelor.

But according to the insider, Mike may have a long way to go if he wants to lock Demi down. The source says that the star's family "isn't too invested" in Mike as a match, but they "think he's a nice guy" and "everyone is collectively seeing where things go."