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According to several reports, Pop singer Demi Lovato and rapper Machine Gun Kelly have been cozying up to each other, sparking rumors that the two are dating each other.

Demi and MGK were spotted hanging out at Soho House Los Angeles and left the venue together. According to E! News, they "stayed all night and didn't leave until the early morning. Machine Gun Kelly got the door for Demi as they walked to her waiting car," a source told the outlet.

"When they left, they didn't say much of a goodbye because it looked like they were meeting up again. He followed her in his car close to her place and it seemed like the night would continue on from there," the source added.

But according to TMZ, this is not the case at all. TMZ reports that sources close to the situation say that Demi and MGK are just friends and aren't romantically involved.