DEELISHIS Is Under Fire . . . For Taking Daughter To School . . . In Inappropriate Outfit!!

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Radio personality and Instagram star Deelishis is coming under FIRE today - after a video was leaked yesterday - showing her taking her daughter to school - while wearing a VERY revealing outfit.

Deelishis, 40 years old, shot a video, of her walking seductively - while holding her daughter's hand.

And then Dee put some sensual music as a background for the video. She must have thought it was cute.

Well her fans didn't. Almost immediately after the video was posted, there were HUNDREDS of comments - saying that they believed the video was "inappropriate."

At first, Deelishis tried to quell the uproar by removing comments on the video. But after things got unmanageable, she finally deleted the video

But other Instagram blogs picked it up. Look:

Deelishis' daughter Jasmin and her mom have had dance offs before in seductive clothing.