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Deelishis: Central Park 5 Ray Santana Thought I Was With Him For His Money!!

Flavor of Love star Deelishis is loved up and engaged to Exonerated Five member Raymond Santana -- but during a session on Instagram Live, she confessed that when they first began dating, he thought she was all about his coins.

Speaking to Kendra G, Deelishis shared that she had her own money, and it's not what their relationship was about for her. She said she was keen to show him what she had already built for herself -- to let him know that she did not need him financially.

Santana hops on the Live at around the 17:00 minute mark.

The after their convictions were vacated, the Central Park 5 sued the city for discrimination and emotional distress; the city settled in 2014 for $41 million. Last June, a new payout for the men was discovered to the tune of $3.9 million via a settlement from the New York State Court of Claims in 2016.

The couple is happy and preparing to walk down the aisle.

Watch the clip below.