Deelishis DAUGHTER Joined The Family Business . . . She's Now 'SEXY Instagram 'MODEL'!!

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Deelishis has a 19 year old daughter - who began posting "sexy" pics on social media.

Deelishis made a career out of wearing tight and revealing clothes. Now her daughter Jasmine is trying to get in on the family business. Jasmine has taken up "instagram modeling". And the 19 year old is showing off what her mama gave her.

The pretty young thing is different than her mother in one VERY noticeable way. Young Jasmine is 100% natural. By contrast, her mama had silicone injected into just about ever INCH of her body.

Here are some pics of her:


In other Deelishis news, the vixen recently shoot her shot with an Instagram caption, she revealed the kind of mate she was looking for, pining for “a n***a to give some babies” and one who is a “handful of Michael B Jordan,” a “sprinkle of Dave East.”

It all seemed harmless, until, well, Dave East's baby’s mother hopped in to pump the brakes on Deelishis’ dreaming.

The IG account @thehushnews mentioned Dave East’s baby’s mom in the comment section, “She wants your babydaddy so bad,” to which she replied, “Now every b***h wanna shoot they shot with the Nicki verse. Cute vid tho but I’m back no so ain’t no more sprinkle of dave east.”