Dee From The 1980s Show WHATS HAPPENING Is Sick . . . Starts A GoFundMe!!

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Dee From What's happening is sick and in need of help, and she started a GoFundMe.

Dr. Danielle Spencer is best known for playing "Dee" in the 1980s hit show What's Happening. 

The comedy series centered around teenagers and their antics while growing up in the inner city of Los Angeles, California. The role of "Dee Thomas," became an American household name and her character was most notably known for her wisecracking banter.

But she's been suffering for years. You see, 42 years ago she was involved in a major car accident, which killed her stepfather. Danielle was in a coma for 3 weeks - and suffered lifelong injuries.

Unbeknownst to her, a bleeding hematoma formed during the car accident 42 years ago, and it was never discovered - until now..

Dr. Danielle Spencer started experiencing massive debilitating headaches in recent months. After going back and forth to the doctor for medicine, the headaches persisted until last week when she became unconscious. 

Eventually she went to expert doctors, who did emergency brain surgery, and removed a bleeding hematoma was in her brain for the past 42 years.

The surgery was a success but she must now heal and recover. 

As of today it is not known how long she will be in recovery because of her recent bout with cancer and spinal cord injury.

Friends of Dr. Danielle have started a GoFundMe page, asking for help.