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Death Row Co-Founder Harry O Thanks Trump For Granting Him Clemency

Snoop Dogg rallied for Death Row co-founder Harry O to have his sentence commuted and be freed from prison -- and Trump granted him clemency the day before he left the White House.

In his first post-prison interview, Harry O offered up his thanks to Trump.

"I appreciate Donald Trump, his children, his son-in-law. Whyever he did it, he did it, when so many others wouldn't do it. First of all I'm grateful that God did whatever God do to get me to sit in this seat. And whatever vessel he used," he said to Daily Mail.


He explained how it felt being free: "It was an awestruck moment. I'm riding in the car with my folks and we coming back from the prison. I just had a [peace] of mind and I said 'I don't feel it.' They said 'what?' I said 'I don't feel what I just left.That does not mean I didn't get the insight from the 33 years, the wisdom. But for that moment I felt like I had never been in prison. That's how powerful freedom is. I have a second chance to make different choices."