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Dead Prez rapper Stic has penned a blistering open letter, slamming what hip-hop has become -- and according to Stic, the culture is celebrating everything that is wrong with society.

"As a culture in Hip Hop, broadly speaking, we seem addicted to glorifying supporting perpetuating and celebrating negativity. We support and celebrate misogyny, self hate, fratricide, homicide and genocide, and we do it with pure arrogance and ego, in almost everywhere you turn in mainstream and social media," Stic wrote in a lengthy Instagram post.

"Rappers have become the joke of the culture, spitting out nonsense in flashy and catchy ways for the chance of fame and financial gain. Every major radio channel amplifies it," he continued.

"Men and Women accept and participate in the negative atmosphere. All in the name of money, notoriety and glorifying the cliches of the streets. We have watched the same cycle breed death and cause harm in numerous ways over and over and over and over again. Your favorite rappers will speak out when a fellow rapper life is cut short due to the same nonsense mentalities that most of their own music perpetuates. It's not that we don't know better by now. It's a choice."

Y'all agree?