A disturbing video was released from a Lubbock Texas daycare. The video, which surfaced online last night, shows a female daycare worker grabbing a child by her hair - and force the toddler  to eat instead of taking a nap.

MTO News has connected the local police - and they told us that they are "looking into" the incident.

In the video, you see that the girl is so exhausted that she's delirious. But instead of putting the child down to sleep, the sadistic daycare workers pulled her hair to help her up.

The workers recorded the abuse - and Livestreamed it to their friends. Someone was so horrified by what they saw, that they recorded it and made it go viral.

Here is the link to the video - we warn you is is GRAPHIC.


Here is the mom's response. Hopefully she calms down and doesn't end up in jail over this mess: