After being dragged for his suggestion that there be an all-Black reboot of Friends, David Schwimmer hopped on Twitter to respond to Erika Alexander, who informed him that Living Single was the original Friends.

“Hi Erika. As you know, I was asked recently in an interview for ‘The Guardian’ how I felt (for the thousandth time) about a reboot of ‘Friends’ immediately following a conversation about diversity on the show, and so offered up other possibilities for a reimagining of the show today. I didn’t mean to imply ‘Living Single’ hadn’t existed or indeed hadn’t come before ‘Friends,’ which I knew it had,” he wrote.

According to Schwimmer, his words were taken out of context:

“Please remember in an interview quotes are often pieced together and taken out of context, and then these quotes are repurposed in other articles by other people who are trying to be provocative,” he reminded Erika, nothing that, “I was a fan of ‘Living Single,’ and was not implying ‘Friends’ was the first of its kind.” 

Schwimmer also suggested a possible all-Asian reboot of the show.