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David Adefeso Terrified Tamar Braxton's New Show Will Make Him Look Bad!!

David Adefeso, the ex-boyfriend of Tamar Braxton, is scared that the singer's upcoming show, Get Ya Life, will make him look bad.

"David does not want the show to air because he does not want to look bad, and have it affect his business," a source told Page Six.

"There is a scene in the show where David tries to get in between Tamar and … a spiritual adviser. David believes that she practices voodoo, and does not believe in her method of spirituality. There's a scene where production wraps, but the audio was still on. You can hear Tamar yell, 'David, stop.' "

Adefeso filed a restraining order against Tamar recently and claimed that he is the victim of domestic violence, following rumors of his controlling ways shortly after her suicide attempt. There were also reports that he may have been the reason Tamar attempted to take her life, as he was unhappy with his portrayal on the show.