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Rapper Dave East's babys mother is coming under fire, after she made some comments that many are calling anti-Black and colorist.

Dave's ex-girlfriend Millie went on social media yesterday, and told her followers that she "thanks God" that her daughter has Latina hair and her mother's complexion.

The Latina mom told fans, "My daughter has my hair and complexion. Thank God."

Almost immediately, people began dragging Millie on social media. Her comments are being called hateful, and "anti-Black."

Millie's babys father Dave East is African American.

Here she is:

Here are pics of Millie and Dave together:

And here's their adorable daughter:

About two yers ago in 2017, Dave and his baby mother got into a major spat on social media...

Dave put his BM on blast, calling her out as a dead beat, after she apparently called the police on him.

"Kairi Chanel Brewster was on born on March 9 2016. Her mother Milagrito Colon has never purchased Enfamil, diapers, any hospital costs etc.," he wrote on Instagram. "Yesterday, she brought 10 police officers to my home where I live telling them I kidnapped my own child...She tells the police I'm on drugs, I'm a gang member and my father's on drugs."

When the officers arrived to his home they found out the child lived with him, they made Colon leave and apologized. "She isn't a suitable mother. I don't care how many Instagram fans she got now," he added.

Dave East is a rapper from Harlem, New York. He gained attention in 2014 from his mixtape Black Rose. Since the release of his mixtape, East has been signed to rapper Nas' label Mass Appeal Records and has made a number of guest appearances. 

In 2016, East was chosen as part of the XXL magazine's 2016 Freshman Class. He's had more than a dozen Billboard hit songs since then.