Rapper Dave East has revealed why he removed Kodak Black's feature from his new album.

According to East, the move was out of respect for his late homie, Nipsey Hussle:

"I don't have a problem with Kodak personally. I don't even know him like that. We met maybe twice. I made the XXL cover with him. We was on that together, but me and Nip, like I said when you asked me, it was deeper than rap," he explained to Big Boy.

"So anybody, I don't care who it might've been, you know what I mean, don't speak on that man after that man gone if it's not in a good light. Don't speak on that man's woman, that man's kids. Don't bring that man up! That's just my opinion on it. Take it how you want to."

After news spread of Nipsey's death, Kodak hopped on social media to reveal that he would give Lauren London a year to grieve before shooting his shot with her. Many perceived his remarks as disrespect.

"Just sitting back listening to it, it was dope," East continued. "But I just couldn't have a song called 'The Marathon Continues' where I'm talking to my brother, and he's on it and then a few songs before that you know... that's just me, man. I'm a loyal dude. I'm real. I don't hold my tongue. I ain't got no filter. That's just me. The Internet is going to spin it how they want to spin it, but like I said, I don't have a problem with homie. Free Kodak Black."