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Rapper Dave East was forced to cancel a recent after-party in Boston after the venue reportedly received death threats against the rapper.

East posted the news to his social media, before deleting it shortly thereafter:

"The club owner to Icon in Boston said he got 2 anonymous phone calls that they was gone shoot me tonight lol. So they ain't let me in the club. I know one thing, if a n*gga gone do that he ain't calling the club telling them. Sorry to whoever came out to see me and to the owner of Icon u a bozo," he wrote.

East recently addressed removing rapper Kodak Black from a track on his album, citing Kodak's controversial remarks about Lauren London as the reason.

"Don't speak on that man after he's gone if it's not in a positive light. Don't speak on that man's woman, that man's kids. Don't bring that man up," East said during an interview with Big Boy.

Despite his remarks, he claimed he has no issue with Kodak.