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Dascha Polanco: Nobody Cares About Latinx Issues w/ Hollywood; Only Black Lives Matter

Latina actress Dascha Polanco spoke out yesterday about discrimination that Latinos face in Hollywood. According to Dascha, while the world is working to change issues for Black people, it is ignoring issues that the Latinx community is facing.

MTO News obtained Dascha's tweet:


In Dascha's tweet she criticized "those people" who "fight for equality, but only their equality." While she wasn't specific, most of the actresses followers believe that she was referring to Black people and the recent Black Lives Matter movement.

Since the post, Dasha's Twitter is filled with her former fans, who are upset with the actress appearing to scapegoat Black people.

Here are some of the comments from Twitter:

- Do you really want to compare how often BLACK acctivists/advocates/politicians fight for the rights of Black and brown people vs how often Latinos sacrifice for the rights of Black people?

- So you really just gonna if ignore the fact that Latinx communities routinely exclude and marginalize afro-Latinx people and dark skinned Latinx people?????

- I think that this statement is careless. I think you need to study the history of blacks in Hollywood before you come with this self entitlement statement.