Dapper Dan has posted a touching tribute to Floyd Mayweather, the Wu-Tang Clan and Jay-Z for holding him down over the years. He wrote the post on Instagram, which featured pictures with the men who he feels have kept him going over the years:

"When the brands took everything from me and I was sewing in a basement, @floydmayweather was there. When artists couldn’t afford to buy #DapperDan clothes, I would give them credit, and then y’all got famous and y’all never came back. I’m not going to call y’all out, but I’ll give y’all the opportunity to speak up," he wrote.

"This new journey for me started with #JayZ (@aintnojigga); Thank you brother for doing that #LifeAndTimes feature on me, which led to #KelefaSanneh’s 2013 “Harlem Chic” cover story in @newyorkermag," he continued.

He then added:

"Shortly after that, #BlackTwitter exploded. Black Twitter is why I reached where I am today. And I want to give a special thanks to @wutangclan, because they told their stylist @monicamorrow to “find Dapper Dan” because they wanted me to do their clothes. And thanks to you too @diddy for sending @marnixmarni, @juneambrose, and @misahylton to the basement for clothes also! 

Picture #1: @floydmayweather in the basement. 

Picture #2: #JayZ @aintnojigga wearing a jacket that was made in the basement."