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Dapper Dan trended on social media for the best part of Thursday, after he sat down for an interview where he opened up about the shortfall of Black-owned luxury fashion brands.

Dan has been slammed for his willingness to help Gucci after their blackface sweater fiasco, but according to Dan, there is a good reason:

"Gucci comes, and they say everybody's paying homage to Dapper Dan, but nobody's paying him. We gon' change that. We gon' allow you to do what you've always done in Harlem and we're going to do a partnership, and you get a percentage of that globally," he explained. "I could never get that. That's my foothold."

He explained why Black consumers would rather spend their money on white-owned luxury brands:

"It's what I call the pimp program. When you see a pimp he's all dressed up, fly, he's more attractive. People want what they can't get. The mentality associated with luxury, with aspiration, has to do with things people can't afford."

He continued:

"Our culture is very powerful, so if we want a luxury brand, we have to have distribution that's powerful enough that we can get our brands in [other] countries."

"We are the influencers and our ability to influence goes around the world," Dan continued urging the Black community to "think global.". "I'm not just concentrating on just getting this black money here. Why I can't get that global money if I [have] that global culture?"

Is he right?

Watch the full interview below.