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Real Housewives of New Jersey star, Danielle Staub is currently embroiled in another nasty divorce, but apparently, not all of her cast mates have been supportive.

Speaking to Us Weekly, Staub told them who had stepped up to be a shoulder for her to cry on during her time of need:

“Teresa and Dolores [Cantina] have been extremely supportive to me. And Jennifer Aydin as well,” she told them.

“I have many levels and many different sides with me. I’m not disappointed in myself for being real. I mean, when else was I supposed to be able to do that? In the confines of my home when he’s abusing me?” 

Staub continued: “Talking down to me? Degrading me? Leaving me at dinner table with taking my phone and my wallet with him so I don’t even have a way home? How many times that happened? I can’t even tell you.”

The episode of Staub's wedding to Marty Caffrey has only just aired. The majority of the cast member's were heavily involved but found her diva behavior unbearable. Caffrey sent a statement to Us denying the claims of abuse from Staub:

“Her deadline to answer my divorce complaint was December 21. As late as December 19, she was begging me to withdraw the divorce, pull the house off the market and reconcile. She threatened that if I didn’t that she would ‘destroy me’ and ‘go after my kids.’ I didn’t withdraw the divorce and so she filed her answer with the list of 29 horrific, defamatory and illogical claims against me,” Marty told Us. “Danielle was more interested and fully intended to publicize a sensational and defamatory smear of me and and my family. My divorce complaint filed in August was never released to the media. So who’s ‘airing dirty laundry?’”

One thing we all know about Danielle Staub is, she really knows how to bring the drama!