DANG Look At Chris Brown In This VIDEO . . . He Not Only LOOKS Like A CRACK HEAD . . . He's Starting To MOVE LIKE ONE TOO!! Poor Breezy . . . :(


Chris Brown was performing the other day. And we're not gonna say that he looked like a CRACK-HEAD . .. but he was definitely looking really CRACK-ISH.

Check out the way ya boy was moving in this video - he's exhibiting the classic "CRACK TWITCH" that we've seen all too often. Hopefully he's not on that NARCOTIC . . . but the rumors are that he's not doing well.

This comes after Breezy accused his Nia Guzman, his baby mama, of posting an inappropriate pic of their 2-year-old daughter Royalty in dance attire. Remember Chris, you need to stay well for that precious child of yours.