Dancer SHOT ON STAGE . . . Shooter 'Made It Rain' . . . Then Was 'UNHAPPY WITH HER DANCING!! (Video)

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Samina Sindhu, a local folk singer was fatally shot Tuesday night in a village near Larkana, Pakistan. The incident took place at a wedding ceremony. 

According to reports, 22-year-old Tariq Jatoi is believed to have pulled out a gun and shot singer Sindhu after she refused to dance during her performance. The local reports say that Tariq was UNHAPPY with the way she danced after giving her a "tip." He kept on bothering and badgering her and ordered her at gunpoint to entertain him. Other reports say that the woman was shot while her husband stood RIGHT BEHIND HER. 

Tariq, who was allegedly intoxicated, was accompanied by two accomplices. At first police called the shooting an "accident," but after the media reported the tragedy, Jatoi and the other two accomplices were arrested by police. 

Samina was rushed to the Chandka Hospital, did not survive her injuries and was pronounced dead.

The slain singer's husband told journalists that she had been six months pregnant with their child. She couldn't get up and dance because she was with child. He has since filed a double murder report because of Sindhu's pregnancy.

Javed Brohi, a spokesperson for Sindh Fankaar Welfare Trust said that "“Artists who spread happiness among the people are getting dead bodies in return.” He is aiming to get justice served for this senseless murder.

The entire incident was caught on video:

Here is the link to the graphic video